Free Things On In London

Free Things On In London

Best Shops In London To Explore

London is a shopper’s paradise, with some of the most famous department stores in the world and thousands of individual businesses ready to tempt you into spending your money. For a visitor, it’s easy to get carried away by the sheer size of the shops here, and forget that they are all there to make a profit. It’s easy to get swept up by Christmas sales and by January have emptied your bank account and maxed out your credit cards.

The good news is that if you want to find some great shopping deals then there are plenty of options available in any price range, My City of London ( It may not be considered the fashion capital of the world, but London is gaining a reputation for being a pretty hip place to shop. This is partly because of market forces but also the fact that unlike other places theres no real indication that one shop is 'better'than another.

Whether youre looking for vintage or avant-garde clothes, accessories or homeware (and good coffee), there are plenty of opportunities to browse. Before we start this London shopping guide, the important thing to remember is that in the UK, transportation methods are called ‘ transport ’. And before you ask about tubes and trains yes they are different. I’ll get to that part later. So now, without further ado, let’s begin this guided tour through London’s best shops.

Browsing around London is something I cherish. There are loads of amazing shops in the city, and I could spend hours browsing through them. I’ve done some research in to the best places for a nosey round, as well as my top tips to help you get the most out of your browsing in London. There’s no better place to shop than London. From luxurious department stores, to the latest boutiques and quirky vintage shops – there really is something for everyone.

From Mustard and Pimlico Road, to Westfield and Portobello Road – this city really has a shopping centre for all. London is one of the world’s greatest shopping destinations. Getting lost in all the shops is half the fun. London has a wealth of special places to shop in, little corners and side streets where you just expect to see that quirky piece of art or a cool vintage record. Opening hours are much extended during the summer time (April to September) 9am to 5pm instead of 9am-4pm.

Free Art Galleries In London

Art galleries are strangely wonderful places, with their own internal logic and rituals that make them seem like a parallel universe—like stepping into the pages of a seminal Russian novel or scene from a David Lynch movie. The people strolling through the galleries all look like theyre trying to solve some kind of elaborate riddle, or find objects that may or may not exist in some strange limbo. Just when you think youve lost your way, you look up and end up at the exit—right where you need to be.

But this time, instead of a modern art masterpiece to take home with you, you have expressions on your face so priceless that everyone in the room just naturally gathers round and asks what happened. Whether youre an art fanatic or only occasional spectator, London is the place to look up. The art capital of England is bursting with galleries on every street corner, each with its own unique character and rotating line-up of temporary exhibitions.

With so many free exhibitions and events happening each week, deciding what to see can be difficult. Thats where we come in. Sitting in your hotel room, with its dull cream walls and utterly impractical mausoleum-like bed, wishing you could go out and enjoy the sights but unsure of where to head? Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and research to bring you some of the best free galleries in London. London is one of the best cities in the world where you can find a variety of art galleries that are filled with interesting creations from different artists.

They offer artists and their artworks to be seen and judged by art lovers who love art itself. For free. If the weathers behaving nice and youre in need of some culture, then perhaps a trip to one of London's art galleries is for you. Theres something on almost every day, offering an educational and free alternative to a night out. This makes the visit to the aquarium a perfect conclusion to your sightseeing tour in central London.

Free Attractions In London

A while back, one of our resident London experts took a break from waxing lyrical about the best Bloody Mary in town, and instead wrote this comprehensive guide to getting out and about in the city for free. If you are thinking about going to see a museum or gallery but are told they cost money then you should think again. Enter free attractions London. If you want to see the famous big hitters, like the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament, youll have to fork out for entry.

But if you know where to look you can see all the iconic statues and monuments without having to pay a penny. Theres some that are totally free and others that cost less than youd think. I was talking to a family friend yesterday who has come to London from Australia to visit me. It turns out she had never seen a single movie in the Harry Potter series, and has been here for nearly 6 months! That made me think: are there any free tourist attractions in London worth seeing?.

To save you wasting good money on stuff you could see for with your own eyes, weve scoured the city to find the best free attractions. From museums and galleries to wildlife parks, and even things to do that only cost a few pennies. Have you ever wanted to know where you can go in London without spending a single penny?  If the answer is yes, then I have the post for you! Here are some of the best free (and nearly-free) things to do in London.

Free Cute And Colourful Places To Visit

Colorful, cute, and free of charge. These three words are how I would describe the sights you can see in London. It’s no secret that London is a stunning city, but did you know that you can experience it in color? There are all kinds of places to visit for literally every shade, and many of them are free or very cheap. Do you remember when you were little and drinking something brightly coloured? What was it? A fruit smoothie? Yogurt that had syrup added to it? Crayola drinkable crayons (the best flavour: blueberry)? Whatever the answer may be, these drinks or foods probably looked great.

This is what inspired this article – I was looking at colour combinations inspired by. These places are the most beautiful locations in London, and the complete range of hues they come in will definitely put a smile on your face. So take a walk down memory lane, or spend an afternoon exploring some of the new free hotspots opening up across town. Here are some beautiful spots to visit –on foot or by boat.

Free Exercise Classes In London

Whether youre a commuter, after your first job or youve got your dream job and want to work up an appetite to match,  this is where London comes in with plenty of free classes for the public. And we’re not talking about the previous generation gym class of jogging on the spot to bad techno, these are fun classes taught by people who know their stuff – whether they be personal trainers or experienced fitness fanatics themselves.

This is a list of free exercise classes in London. These are run by various groups including the big chains, councils and charities. Classes cover everything from yoga to Zumba and offer something for everyone. If you ever go to the gym, should should also look out for these because theyre often more affordable and less crowded than commercial gyms. If youre going to find the motivation to exercise, its a whole lot easier when it fits into your schedule.

Youre most likely to make a regular habit of something thats convenient, and if theres no room for a gym membership in your monthly expenses, youre bound to turn up for that free workout instead of searching Groupon for yoga classes. Take a deep breath, London. London has more than 100 parks and green spaces to enjoy, seemingly everywhere in this concrete jungle. But Ill let you in on a little secret—you can enjoy your city all year round with free fitness classes.

Free Gigs In London

F orget Beethoven, the Beatles and Black Sabbath; if you want a dose of free London music, look no further than Oxford Circus. London's equivalent to Times Square in New York City, the capital's busiest shopping street (called the "Oxford Street bubble") has a lot going on. Tourists who stop here to take it all in are regularly serenaded for their troubles by some of the best buskers in London. Whether its a string quartet gigging with violins, clarinets and viola; a guitar-toting Sophie Ellis-Bextor beneath an umbrella; or a troupe of French dancers interpreting songs you never truly knew existed, there’s always something worth stopping for.

London is a metropolitan city steeped in rich musical history. Whether you fancy classical or modern music, there's a constantly-changing stream of it flowing through the capital. From free concerts staged by the Barbican, to the watery acoustics of Kew Observatory and the open-air oasis that is Somerset House, there's no need for high ticket prices when you just want to let a little culture wash over you. You can�t beat the feeling of discovering something for free.

It helps to keep your money in your bank account, as opposed to finding yourself out on the street after trying to spend it all. Hopefully these free gigs in London will help you discover some great music, for nothing. In this article I wanted to give you some of my favourite places in London where you can enjoy free concerts. I live in the West End of London and there’s been an influx of free stuff going on over the last couple of years.

Free is good. Whether you’re a tourist, a Londoner or just visiting the city – why not stop by and enjoy an afternoon with some free culture. The following gives you the low down on free gigs, all within walking distance from central. There’s only two things in life – things that are free, and things that aren’t. I’m a huge advocate of giving away as much as possible, so it’s not surprising I’ve put together this guide to London’s best free stuff.

Free Parks And Gardens In London

With parks and gardens taking up over one third of the capital, London is a bit of a green city. Whether youre after an exotic garden or somewhere close to the city centre for a picnic, youll find it here. Ive chosen to include my favourites, the less-well-known gems that arent on every tourist map. That means remaining impartial and not favouring ones with any royal connections (nor parks that take their names from Royals, such as Kensington Gardens) – just pure, unadulterated beauty.

When it comes to London, there are few things more enjoyable than taking a walk in one of the city's parks or gardens. You can take a leisurely stroll, sit and read a book by the water, play on swings and slides or feed squirrels.  London has so many green spaces that it's hard to know what's right for you. We've picked out eight beautiful parks and gardens in the capital for you to visit.

Everyone loves a good day out but if it involves spending money, many of us will have to reconsider. The good news is there are plenty of free admission days out in London  to choose from, no matter what time of the year you happen to be planning your day. And these aren't just options for the budget-conscious. these spots are gems worth checking out even if you do have cash to burn.

You may think of London as a concrete jungle and not exactly the kind of place you can “park yourself” to admire a beautiful (grass) garden. Thats until you discover the parks and gardens offering free access that belong to the public – often with historic monuments, monuments and interesting architecture thrown in for good measure. We recently published a list of London’s best parks and gardens (you can read that article here), but this time around were focusing on free stuff.

Some of these spots are better than others, so make sure you read the reviews before throwing yourself into one. London is such an amazing city for parks. Take a morning off in the week and head to one of these parks or gardens for a relaxing time. If you are enjoying this, we’ve got another list dedicated entirely to parks and gardens to help you find more to explore. Get Fit London is your one-stop destination for all the cheap classes across the capital with deals from Zumba to Yoga, there really is something youll love.

Free Performances In London

We used to live in London (that was ages ago now, the 21st century I mean) and obviously we had to see some plays while we were there. It is after all home to so many talented actors and actresses. We got free theatre tickets for a lot of the shows we saw because it was a time before I knew about this website. Basically you get free tickets to see plays, concerts, and other performances in London by making the most of the tips on this site.

Luckily for you London beckons with the promise of free performances. The capital’s world famous venues offer up a regular supply of shows and events that you can take advantage of without spending one penny. Weve made a top 10 list of these gems, but do let us know in the comments if were missing out on any spectacularly cheaps entertainment. Clubbing in London is fun. Ok, straight to the point: In this article I'm offering you a full of list of offers on theatre tickets dramas and films, as well as some comedy nights.

If youre into art, music and out of the ordinary entertainment, this is your place. Ok, well to be fair we're singing this one with a wink. If you're a visitor to London and fancy making the most of great performances and shows, then check out our rundown of brilliant free performances in London. Free performances in London. Dont expect free theatre tickets, but weve got some pretty nifty things for you to do when it comes to the performing arts.

Free Views Over London

I have always loved looking at photos online of the capital's skyline whereas the panorama views had always been out of my financial reach. However, you don't need to spend a fortune on entrance fees and pay for overpriced drinks in swanky bars in order to enjoy some breathtaking, sweeping views from sky high platforms. What's more, if you don't fancy getting all dressed up there are plenty of hills in London which are perfect for climbing (weather dependent).

Some places are just too good to be discovered, and London is definitely one of them. With its iconic landmarks, historical buildings, colourful alleyways, and large parks and green areas, this gorgeous city has something that every type of traveller will love. But the best way to get around this fantastic city isn't by foot or tube it's by viewing it from above. These sightseeing walks of London give a fantastic view of the City.

It's like a free trip to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral or Tower Bridge. If heights aren't your thing, climb the hills instead, and admire them all from below. They're not too taxing, and will get you fit. Plus they’re all well rewarded with stunning views over the city. Free Views over London is my free ebook which was published in 2013 by the my previous employer. It's full of hidden gems and lesser known landmarks.

Many people prefer the narrow streets, quirky old pubs, independent shops, and community spirit of London's neighbourhoods this book shows you where to find them. London is a beautiful city, made up of bright lights and bustling people all doing their own things, not noticing what’s happening only feet away. We all know London is expensive but if you want to view the city from a new height, for free, then look no further than this guide we have put together for you.

Free Walks To Go On In London

Cut through the Big Smoke, stop at a local coffee shop and get lost down an alleyway off of Shoreditch High Street. A small group walks is just the thing you need to head out with your mates without having to do any planning. And a sightseeing tour can go anywhere from cobbled alleyways, historic sites or crisp green parks. Whether you're a London-born or a visitor, explore the city like a local on one of these brilliant free walking tours in London.

Some of the best things in life are free including walking. Whether you are exploring London as a newbie, or simply enjoying a quick walk to get fresh air, there are plenty of nice walks to enjoy around our capital city. London is also home to some beautiful parks and woodland areas where you can unchain yourself from your desk, grab your walking boots and head out equipped with only the map on your phone.

There’s loads of free things you can do in London outside of just visiting famous landmarks. Use our guide to walk (and make friends!) your way around the city and make the most of your days in London. Our favourite walking tours for solo travellers, families, or friends are all linked down below with suggestions for each budget, too. There is no better way to explore a new city than on foot, and London is no different.

Whether you want to take it easy as you stroll through the streets soaking up the atmosphere or use your walking tour to discover more about the history of the city, here are our top free walks in London for you to check out. Hear the bustling clamour of London from above the hustle and bustle for free this year, with these amazing views from high up in the city. Comedy, films, and a healthy amount of drama await you.

Freemuseums In London

Museums have been around since the fourteenth century. They have been created to celebrate history and culture for the public to enjoy. Some of London’s museums are free we can enjoy at our leisure, whilst some do require payment. Each museum has something different to offer, giving us a true British cultural and historical fix. Known as a mecca for culture-vultures, with over 240 museums available to the traveller, choosing which ones to visit can be tiring – not to mention expensive.

But there are none so free as these freemuseums of London, all of which are located in the neighbourhood of Camden. Where can you find the best free museums in London? the answer may seem obvious, with a capital F. F for free.  Some of the worlds great museums offer free entry and therefore entice us all to visit. Where are the best freemuseums in London? What do they have on display? Here's some of the museums we'd personally recommend.

You Wont Even Have To Spend A Penny With Our Roundup Offree Things To Do In London.

But for Londoners on a budget, the last thing you want to do is spend money. And while the UKs capital city certainly has its fair share of cheap activities, its also pretty darn expensive. So to save you wasting time and money on the fruity stuff, here are our picks for 10 free things that you can do in London – just remember to bring an empty wallet. Life in London can be pricey, to be sure.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get all the best experiences without spending a penny. Whether youre an experiential fiend, or a lover of the arts, or just like a good old-fashioned day out, weve rounded up some of the best free things to do in London. Knock yourself out. But sometimes you do not want to spend a penny. Let us help you find the best free things to do in London! Go on a free walking tour, bike ride along the canal, admire some Picassos at The Courtauld or learn about Jack The Ripper.

Read on to find out whats on offer. Yes, we may have the West End and Covent Garden for celeb spotting and glitzy art galleries but theres a whole host of free things to do in London as well. So whether youre strapped for cash or just want to get more bang for your buck, this article is for you. But weve also compiled a rundown of the best free activities that are well worth your time.