Ideas For Day Trips With Kids In London

Ideas For Day Trips With Kids In London

Wonder At The Wonderlab At The Science Museum

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills are particularly important to the British economy, and the development of these skills at an early age has become more apparent than ever. From long-standing industry partnerships, through to cutting edge digital exhibits and inspiring live demonstrations, the Science Museum sites in Bradford and London have been at the forefront of STEM education for more than a hundred years. The museum’s two campus locations continue to develop this legacy thanks to ongoing industry sponsorship from companies like Statoil who are perfectly placed to help young people visions of a future in STEM.

I was speaking to a friend recently and she told me that her husband had not taken their two children to the Science museum since they were little, My City of London ( She said that whilst he has always loved science, he had no time at all for her love of museums so she did not push it. I said, “It’s never to late to rediscover your silly side – go!”. Let your imagination run free as you connect objects, learn rocket science, test engineering challenges and explore the world of food technology.

Be A Champion At Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Soak up all the Olympic action at London’s newest park – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Here you’ll find the Aquatics Centre where you can go swimming, The Copper Box Arena which was used for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as Zaha Hadid’s iconic Aquatics Centre. It's a fact – children who take part in arts and crafts activities have improved powers of communication, understanding and reflection. For me that makes it well worth the entrance fee.

Ahoy Sailors At The National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum's collection includes more than 50,000 objects from the world's oceans and seas. The galleries tell the story of seafaring from early voyages through to the modern day and include HMS Belfast (the world’s last surviving wartime cruiser, moored alongside Britain’s first warship, HMS Warrior). Ahoy mateys! Under 7's can get hands-on with some seafaring fun at the National Maritime Museum. The AHOY! gallery is packed full of fun stuff to do including dressing up in a pirate costume, stoking the bell and landing your own fish.

Get Up Close With Nature At Kew Gardens

The gardens are just like the ones you imagined as a kid plus some. It won me over from the moment I walked through its entrance gates. Kew Gardens has something for everyone. Walking around, I could feel my senses exploding with delight from the colours of plants to the sounds of birds. We were there on a warm Sunday afternoon in March and noticed that it was quite busy (not surprising as it was a beautiful day).

Kew Gardens is located in the pretty village of Kew in Richmond and stretches to some 300 acres. This means there is plenty of space to roam around and explore. There are various ways to take in the Kew Gardens including via a 50 minute train ride that will drop you right at the entrance, or via the garden's own trains which are a great way to see the grounds. Kew is a brilliant day out for both kids and adults.

The English weather can be unpredictable and its not always warm enough to be outdoors, but there are plenty of rooms in Kew that you can explore, even when its raining. Its also a great place for history-buffs too, as it attracts 600,000 visitors every year. Nature enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a huge range of gardens. From the popular Princess of Wales conservatory to the tranquil displays at Temperate, they will be able to discover some of our fascinating plants and wildlife.

Theres also a butterfly house and a stunning rock garden. Theres lots of space to run around with lots of places to hide and climb. Its surprisingly quiet given we went on a busy weekday afternoon and you can see for miles across Richmond from the view platforms. There are also cafés, shops and toilets. First-time visitors to the National Maritime Museum can get a discount (up to five per family). Simply show your Family Ticket at our ticket desk and you will receive a 10% discount on the price of individual tickets.

Go Star Wars And Marvel Mad At Madame Tussauds

Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader are among the characters available to meet. You can also choose between meeting Kylo Ren or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, while in Marvel you’ll need to choose whether to shake hands with Spiderman or Thor. The wait for the characters is long but you can get closer on the second floor which is designed to look like Han Solo’s spaceship the Millenium Falcon. 16. Improving your Home Page Marketing copy with a CTA that Impresses Visitors.

In a recent study we found that 58% of users considered relevance in their decision to convert with a page. This goes to show that you need to ensure your message is clear and induces user action. If you are looking to create an impact then we have some top tips. Visitors are immersed in the Star Wars universe, including a 6 foot-tall Rancor and interactive vehicles. If Marvel is more your thing, then head for the Marvel 4D experience and fight alongside some of your favourite Marvel superheroes to save New York from Loki’s evil forces.

Follow In The Footsteps Of Goldilocks On The Teddy Bear Trail At The Museum Of Brands

The museum may not be entirely reliable when it comes to the history of the items it holds, but what it lacks in accuracy, it more than makes up for with charm and verve. The museum is home to vast collections of teddy bears (obviously), branded artifacts inc. a tin of Heinz mealtimes from 1902, brands associated with the Olympics and Olympics memorabilia. This means that its ideal for parents taking kids on a one-day trip to London.

However, dont forget your cameras as the museum is full of quirky and frequently hilarious sights which will appeal to adults as well visit amazon jordan 11 space jam for more. Its definitely one to plan a fun day out to promote bonding between generations family time at its finest. The Teddy Bear Trail at the Museum of Brands is based on the 1960s TV show "The Magic Door" in which children were asked to find popular bears and accompanying teddies were hidden behind various doors.

At the Museum of Brands, children are set the challenge of finding specific, popular bears within a set time. The trail opens up a historical context for children to learn about branding through the ages. Theres also a lot of entertainment and fun, with special effects and hidden surprises guaranteed to captivate kids over school holiday activities in London. Is there anything children love more than a good teddy? Is there anything parents love more than seeing their children having a good time? The Museum of Brands is the answer to both.

Despite still being in Hanover Square, which isn’t exactly the most buzzing of locales, the museum is likely to become a huge hit with families, thanks to its Teddy Bear Adventure Trail. Millions of children all over the world love teddy bears, and for a museum with a mission to bring brands to life, they thought it would be fun to create an exciting adventure trail that celebrates the story of the teddy and playfully tells the history of the brand as well.

Fly With Tinkerbell And The Lost Boys In The Diana Memorial Garden

Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys live in Kensington Gardens, about 5 minutes walk from the B&B. They are easy to spot, dressed in multicoloured clothes with swords and wings. Their home is the wonderful and eccentric Diana Memorial Playground. This wonderful playground is entirely free and open until 9pm, no matter how old you are. Play alongside them: climb on board the pirate ship to overthrow Captain Hook, balance yourself over the back of a crocodile or build a fort in one of the wigwams.

Their imaginations will do the hard work while you keep warm with a cup of tea from the café on site. The Diana Memorial Playground is shaped like a ship, making it deceptively spacious inside. The play area consists of numerous features: a ship with slides and ladders; lower ground thar includes stag beaming, crocodiles jaws and even more ladders to climb; a wigwam village; a treehouse of indeterminate origin/history; and finally an egg-shaped Russian Space capsule in the corner.

The Diana Memorial Playground is a delightful place for families with children. The playground features a pirate ship, wigwams, and adventure decks in the centre of the park. Nearby are the Orangery cafe, where you can warm up with a cuppa, and the undulating lawns of Kensington Gardens that wrap around to Hyde Park. H ere’s a lovely thing to do with kids of all ages. It’s the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens, or if you prefer, you can visit the Peter Pan statue and the Wendy House in Kensington Gardens (see below).

There are also other statues in the gardens that would be entertaining to the children – see below. Having kids in London takes a huge amount of planning – but for a great day out head to the Museum of Brands! The museum has the most incredible collection of toy bears, dolls and teddies, and they even have a Teddy Bear Trail around their Time Tunnel. Kids will love it. There’s even a chance for you to meet Spiderman here.

Let Them Be Wizards At The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Over one million visitors have spent an unforgettable day at the Harry Potter™ Studio Tour since it opened in 2012, where they can discover the magic behind the making of 8 feature films. Film sets, props and costumes from all 8 films are on display, including many that featured never-before-seen by the general public. Visitors can board a Hogwarts™ Express train and enter Platform 9 ¾ in London King's Cross Station, before riding a special replica Hogwarts™ Express train to explore the Great Hall, Dumbledore's Office, Privet DriveTM and other film sets.

It’s an unforgettable experience. It was a dream of mine to work as an animator on some of the best movies ever! I was so excited to attend the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Making films is a labour of love and I could see the dedication that went into making these movies, even more so in the actual Studio where it was made. It really is magical when you go through all the art department exhibition.

The tour itself is an experience of a lifetime for any Harry Potter fan, or at least should be on their bucket list if they haven’t been before. The Harry Potter Studio Tour is an extraordinary place that opened its doors in March 2012. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter is the first official tour around the renowned film studios where all eight of the Harry Potter films were made thus far.

Located at High Street, Watford in North London and two hours'journey from Central London, it was quite a challenge for the film-lovers to plan their trip to this magical tour before it gained its popularity. It’s the creation of the Harry Potter phenomenon that makes this experience so marvelous for fans. Fans can have their photos taken in front of a green screen, where they can be pictured as flying on a broomstick, or they can sit behind the wheel of Harry’s flying Ford Anglia, which is one of the exhibits on display in the Art Department.

Feed The Animals, And Their Curiosity, At The Battersea Park Childrens Zoo

My mum likes to say that a good way to get children to eat their food is to tell them it’s for the animals. The same principle should work at Battersea Park Childrens Zoo. Instead of whining about being bored, they’ll spend the entire time exploring the zoo and be too engaged to notice that they’re hungry. It just might be the perfect day out for families with young children, as there’s plenty to do and see even before you take into account the indoor play area.

What a day we've had what a day! It started on the tube, after dutifully boarding my parent-baby carriage that I had requested when purchasing my tickets. Both kids were excellent travellers and complemented their fastidiousness with intermittent bursts of excitement about where we going how long, how long! through the tunnel. We were going to see the animals in Battersea Park. The Children's Zoo is a top choice for if you go with children under five.

For both you and your little ones, this zoo will show off an (ever-changing) range of exotic creatures, from meerkats to sheep. Amongst the live farm animals is a Miniature railway, adventure playground, and indoor restaurant. Feed the Animals. Battersea Park Childrens Zoo is a place for little explorers to be curious. Children can see a range of animals up close, including pigs, cows, donkeys, goats, geese and even parrots. All the animals at Battersea Park Childrens Zoo are rescued or bred in captivity.

Just outside of London in the seaside town of Battersea, this popular attraction allows children to get up-close-and-personal with animals. While most animals will be too big to fully pet (sorry kids), it’s a chance to get close and watch them interact with each other. The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a great activity for the whole family.  They have the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter which is located in Watford just outside of London in England.

Become An Inventor, Engineer Or Scientist At The Ragged Museum

Playing Victorian school kids isn’t a holiday activity for everyone: it’s one of the themes at the Ragged Museum afternoon activities in London for kids. The Ragged Schools were charities founded in 1844 to provide free education for the poorest children in Victorian England. Braving muddy slums and living conditions that could be considered Dickensian, they tried their best to give kids a chance at better lives. Throughout the course of the school year, children ages 3-6 will learn about how science, math and history come together in a variety of innovative ways.

Do they want to be an inventor, engineer or scientist? In the Ragged Museum, girls and boys can try their hands at all three. The Ragged Museum is a wonderful place for children to learn about old-fashioned Victorian manners and enjoy different ‘hands on’ activities. You can learn to sew, cook, paint, bake bread and even take a trip in a tall ship. We love the toys and activities that lets children use their imagination and recreate a Victorian setting.

A fascinating place for hours of play, with lots of interest for adults as well. A Victorian school room, a chemist's workshop or an inventor's laboratory are just some of the options available to children aged 4-11 if they choose to visit The Ragged School Museum. It takes you through four different hands on areas that show you how they created the movie and the magic behind it all. The nearest tube station is Westminster.