Plans In London This Weekend

Plans In London This Weekend

Explore The Benefits Of Aromatherapy

The shop is part of the expanding world of aromatherapy, in which scents from plants and flowers are mixed into combinations that have ease anxiety, improve wellbeing and inspire clear thought. Recent studies have found that certain scents can make a real difference to an individual’s state of mind. It’s no wonder, then, that the aromatherapy market is projected to be worth $36. 7bn (£30bn) by 2024. Nearly two hundred years ago its status was elevated to that of a.

Learn To Make Pottery At Home

If you love crafts, but find them a little frustrating, this is the kit for you, My City of London ( It's about more than making something to stick on your mantlepiece it's about developing your own style. As you go through the process of creating your unique pottery masterpiece, learning about different kinds of clay, tools and glazes I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun and get a sense of achievement at the end too. Well what are you waiting for? Get on with it.

Activity kits like this have been really popular since the days of S Club 7 and that lucozade and fanta apparently if you shake it enough it fizzes drink that everyone was drinking. Now we've moved on from the low standards of S Club 7 to the brilliant activity planner I mean book, handmade pottery. Now you can make your own items whilst watching reruns of Hollyoaks or Love Island any day of the week.

The Japanese art of pottery is so popular because it's easy to learn and a great way to work on your relationship with your hands. The main things you'll need to make ceramics at home are a set of pots (available in myriad shapes and sizes) and some glaze. Glaze comes as powder or liquid, and you mix it with water in order to make either thick paint or a thin slip that you can dip your pots into.

With Pottery Making in a Day, you will learn everything you need to know to make your own pottery. Drilled holes along the top of the board are designed for simple suspension from a hook or nail. Use some string and create your very own ceramic masterpiece on in the middle of your living room. It opened in July 17th 1934 with the inaugural crossing by George V and Queen Mary. The construction cost was £29,332.

Tune Into Virtual Stand-Up Comedy

Nestled inside a blanket, warm and cosy on a sofa, with your laptop to hand — if that’s not escapism then I don’t know what is. But the Parris/Brigstocke double act isn’t just a one-man show (like my blog posts). They’re giving you two different experiences with Brigstocke filming himself talking directly to the camera and his cats (and getting covered in slobber) or Parris Tweeting inane observations or convincing her followers she has some form of autism.

Rachel and Marcus realised people were looking for something a little bit more than what comedy was giving at the time,” Parris says. “With podcasting, you have access to shows like This American Life, which is brilliant but it’s about everything going on in the world … It was a joyous experience. I felt we were sailing into a new territory of comedy – not just this dreadfully political stuff. ”. On the 27th of January, it was announced that Jon Sutton’s London Podcast Festival would be taking place on 15th-27th August, with an incredibly impressive lineup of highly-reviewed comedians, including the legendary Stuart Lee.

Embrace The Changing Seasons

In your blog, change is good. It indicates freshness and progression. Blogs become stale when they’re the same piece of writing year in, year out. Of course, posts which reflect the seasons are not appropriate for every type of blog; your summer posts about margaritas will garner fewer clicks than your winter posts about skiing. However, if your blog is about fashion or makeup or food or anything of that sort, seasonal topics can be a great way to keep things fresh and original within a constant framework.

There's something in me that gets the spring fever every year. But, much like my Californian clients, the jump in temperature is not enough to justify a lifestyle change. You might ask what we’d need to do to see a noticeable difference in our bodies. Well, let me tell you that there’s more to it than just eating kale for breakfast and adding an extra session at the gym. It’s no surprise that humans respond to natural changes in environment and seasons we have done so for thousands of years.

Our ancestors would have adapted their sleeping patterns, diets and daily routines as the climate changed. Today, this isn’t necessary, but I think it is worth ensuring you embrace the seasonal changes that happen every year. The winter months don’t last forever and before you know it, the snowdrops will have been replaced with swathes of daffodils. The countryside makes a perfect backdrop to capture your child playing in the early mornings, when the photos can be bathed in a beautiful golden glow.

Listen To An Online Discussion By Emerging Young Artists

The Tate and the Whitechapel Gallery were both founded by Victorian philanthropists in order to champion young talent. Both of these galleries continue this tradition by exploring the work of emerging artists through a series of talks and events; the Tates Art Now programme was launched in 2010, while Whitechapel Gallery’s is more recent, established last year. Such initiatives are invaluable for those curious about contemporary practice and who want a gateway into what is often referred to as ‘the art world’.

The Young Painters of London discussion explores the relationship between London and Nigerian artists, as well as territory that these three painters share with each other. The panelists range in age from 22-years-old to 25-years-. The Tate Britain's Tates Art Now series is a series of events and online discussions that enable younger artists to voice views about their practices, inspirations and creative future. It's the third year that the Tates has invited artists under 30 to take part in events looking at how young creatives develop and challenge the traditional art world.

This event is part of the Tates Art Now series, which presents talks and workshops exploring contemporary artists'practices. The first event in the series was about Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and her new commission for the Tate Britain. Young Painters of London will explore the production, exhibition and sale of young artists working in London today. The next Tates Art Now event features three young artists from London, who through critical discussion and live painting explore their own practices, personal influences and ambitions.

Refine Your Baking Skills

Regarded as one of the best bakeries in London, Primrose Bakery has opened its doors online through baking kits, available exclusively at Not on the High Street. Designed for people with little experience in the kitchen, each kit allows you to whip up personalised treats like cupcakes and cake pops. Whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, these kits are suitable for any occasion — and can be customised to whatever flavour you want.

Alongside the opening of their first-ever dedicated bakeware store, Primrose Bakery has recently announced plans to launch an all-new home baking range. The new kits will make it possible for even the most novice of bakers to reach baking pro status with its range of easy-to-use, beautifully packaged goodies. If you love baking but aren’t quite sure where to start, Primrose Bakery’s new kits are the perfect way to hone your skills at home. The brand has unveiled the first of its eight at-home kits online, allowing customers to create some tasty treats just like the pros in their own kitchen.

Little Bread. Big Baking. Great Taste. That's been our mantra since the day we opened the doors. An artisan bakery in North London, Primrose Bakery has baked up mouth-watering memories for almost two decades and develops fresh breads every day to bring you new flavours. Located on the fashionable Primrose Hill, this much-loved bakery is home to a treasure trove of sweet treats. In its first ever batch of at-home baking kits, their signature pastel hues have been recreated in the Primrose Bakery Cookbook.

Watch A Local Film Project

The short film Monuments is a new Donmar Local Project that has been developed and produced with the aim of connecting local communities through film. The project is driven by co-production, with London and Sierra Leone's artistic community working together, forming links between each other and Sierra Leone's history, heritage and its present day problems. The film has now reached its final stage of production in London for which we are looking to raise funding in order to complete the final phase.

This includes editing, sound post production as well as music rights and distribution. Kris Nixon's beautifully shot film Monuments, set in Jamaica and London, charts the story of one woman's struggle to understand her heritage as her mother's life ends. The title is a reference to both the Jamaican National Heroes, who fought for black emancipation and the hundreds of monuments to colonialists that still stand throughout the country. While some theatres are still closed, Covent Garden's Donmar Warehouse has launched its latest project in the U.

K. to explore how the British Empire continues to impact communities in Britain today. Online viewers can watch Monuments, a Donmar Local Project, for free via YouTube or on their website. This innovative discussion will take place across the gallery, with simultaneous discussions in the cinema and on the web. This would appear to be an excellent opportunity for comedy fans who are now forced to abide inside. Or as amusingly expressed by this government press release.