What'S Open In London Now

What'S Open In London Now

Family Friendly Attractions Open In London

A festive London is open for business following the lifting of a lockdown that has kept millions indoors for most of the summer. With strict hygiene and social-distancing rules imposed to reduce the risk of infection, many have been reluctant to venture out for fear of an outbreak. The government reported one minor case of infection this month and urged Londoners not to underestimate the danger and keep their distance from others.        A blanket curfew may remain in place indefinitely.

Family fun in London is no longer on hold this Christmas with the return of varied attractions, My City of London (mycityoflondon.co.uk). In a bid to prevent the spread of the norovirus and enhance protection around the UK, many venues have been forced to close until changes could be made to ensure the health of visitors and staff alike. To make sure that you can still enjoy time with your family, some London attractions have returned, whilst others are still set for a little while longer.

It's official the capital is open for business during this Olympic year as a number of tourist attractions have reopened their doors to families.  After months of lock-down, the family fun days are just around the corner with new social distancing and hygiene rules in place to ensure Londoners and visitors are ‘London ready’ before they hit the tourist hot spots. London has a huge range of attractions, museums and galleries, zoos, parks and other venues to suit all tastes.

Some are famous to most people in the UK and some are strictly for those born in the capital. Take a look around and discover London's best family attractions that are open now. I find that my family need to take a breather from our busy lives sometimes, they have been cooped up in the house for a few months now since the “incident”. I know that many of you will have felt just as trapped as we have.

Iconic London Attractions Now Open

Known locally as the Toxic Forts, the toxic tourist hotspots have been closed by order of the mayor and health officials for over a year. The multi-million pound demands made on local services and infrastructure has led to the closure of London's most historic tourist sites. Visitors have been warned to not visit these locations under any circumstances until adequate waste management procedures are in place. Due to staff shortages, many of these iconic locations have had their opening hours reduced to match new staffing levels.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well the iconic tourist attractions I’m referring to are London’s museums and galleries, of which all ten have been closed since the start of August because of a nationwide budget cuts and employee strikes. The Museum of London has reopened today for special exhibition opening (mainly focused on Georgian costume), but will be closing at 6pm as there is no other staff present. There have been many iconic London attractions that have been closed due to the zombies that now call London home.

Many of theses attractions were just outside of the safe zone and had to close. Luckily, and with much effort, workers have been able to clear up the area and re-open these iconic tourist and native attractions. London has been a city that is constantly living in he past for a few hundred years now, but now the past is back and everyone is excited. Theres no time like the present to experience the British way of life.

More Attractions Opening In London

London’s major attractions are opening once again, after the tragic events that unfolded on Saturday 3rd June. This was an act of terrorism and was not aimed at any of the numerous London attractions. The attacks only impacted a very small number of people at each attraction. Visitors are now flocking to London’s museums, rides and exhibitions to help them through this difficult time. Parks and gardens are also reopening as usual, to help visitors to relax and forget about what happened for a short while.

In light of the sad news that Madame Tussauds will be closed for six months from early May until early November, with no date given for when it will reopen, and attractions such as the London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Bankside Viewpoint and London Dungeon are all also closed because of the fire at the nearby Lakanal House tower block on 30th June. I thought it could be rather interesting to look back on what other attractions and landmarks were opened in London in previous years.

London is getting ready to reopen, and not just for what’s been dubbed ‘the October half-term school holiday’. Tourists are returning in force, with London attractions expecting a big boost in the peak autumn months. The London Eye is reopening this weekend – it was closed to allow for repair work to be carried out on the bearings. The London Dungeon and Atlantis will reopen tomorrow (Tuesday). The terror attack in London has left the city shaken.

As the dust settles, a number of attractions have re-opened, and more are imminent. Downing Street has confirmed that more attractions will have to close as a result of the London terror attack. Londons attractions are opening for the first time since the outbreak. Having survived so long in isolation they are a mess, but the most iconic are open for business. A number of historic London attractions will reopen for public use after recent criticisms that the quarantine was causing tourism to suffer.

Museums & Galleries Opening In London 2020

Until recently, museums and galleries have remained largely unaffected by the recent closure of many public buildings due to a rise in cases of coronavirus. In response to this virus, precautionary measures have been applied in order to ensure the safety of visitors. These measures include an increase in hand washing stations, more displays reminding people to wash their hands and increased signage advising visitors on what to do if they feel unwell. Advance booking is now required for the Egyptian Museum in London, the Sir John Soane's Museum and the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

All visitors to these sites will be guided by their tour supervisor and required to wear protective masks. Meanwhile, distancing restrictions of 1 metre apply to anyone visiting galleries or museums that are within two kilometres of those which have seen confirmed cases of coronavirus. Museums and galleries across London reopen their doors to the public in May, following winter shutdowns to ensure infection control measures are re-instated. Visitors should expect a few new restrictions when they step through the doors, though; all must now wear face masks, while some venues are implementing additional distancing measures.

Several museums and galleries are re-opening their doors to visitors in the next few weeks, with new restrictions in place in response to coronavirus. This means booking tickets in advance, wearing face masks and adhering to distancing restrictions. The good news for art lovers is that a whole host of museums and galleries are opening their doors to visitors in the next few weeks. As usual, in the wake of the coronavirus, these venues are operating with a range of new restrictions in place.

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Theatres Open In London For Christmas

I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner already and it is time for all the theatres in London to open their doors again. There are so many relaxing and interesting play shows you can watch this winter and Christmas. Get into the festive spirit with A Christmas Carol, Potted Panto and other popular plays. You need to book your tickets soon since the capacity is limited. Opening a theatre in London is difficult at any time of the year but for Christmas it is near impossible.

This year, the West End has more shows opening this year than any other. With so many theatregoers fewer seats are available and audiences are booking up fast. There are many shows to choose from but the capacity is limited, so early booking is recommended. London theatre is known for its diverse performances. Whether you are looking for drama, comedy, stage shows or musicals, you will find it in London. However, due to the economic situation over the last years, many theatres were forced to close down and others were struggling to stay open and keep up to date with modern times.

I was a bit surprised when I learned that theatres are open in London this time of the year. The season is usually reserved for famous plays and musicals, but there are some companies that don't mind having shows this early. Have you ever wondered what theatres are open in London? If you have and you’re planning a trip for Christmas then read on as I have created this guide to help you. Create an event, list your website or even launch your own pub crawl and list it on Tourist England.

Whats Open In London?

The question “What’s on in London” is now more important than ever as the capital city reopens its doors to the public following two devastating terrorist attacks earlier this year. London. gov. uk are currently advising that tourist attractions and activities will re-open gradually, with some being closed until early 2017. As a result, now is the time you really need to be working your way through those bucket list of things to do in London, as there’s just no telling how long certain attractions will remain open for.

L ooking at the list of things to do in London this winter, I noticed that a lot of these attractions are going to close between Christmas and New Years Eve. It left me thinking; what if you arrived in London on the 23rd of December, went out for a few days, and then found out you missed your chance to see a few of the biggest attractions? Short answer: you'll be very annoyed.

Longer answer: you'll have to wait until next year for another opportunity. Synchronize bookings to your calendar. WhatsOpenInLondon knows about the latest ticket releases for over 300 London attractions including West End theatres, top shows, restaurants, sporting events and much more. Sync bookings that you've made or want to make directly to your calendar with a time and location, so you never miss the chance to get tickets. London reopens on September 14th and with it comes a vast array of cultural, sporting, artistic and social events which you can attend in your spare time.

There are also many super-popular venues for the sporting enthusiasts to enjoy. London is open for business. What’s Open in London is a resource to help you find out what events and attractions are most likely to be available on any given day, at any given time. Number of activities are updated daily as tickets for each venue become known. Keep up to date on whats opening in London and sign up to Tourist England newsletter.