Things Tourists Can Do Again In London

Things Tourists Can Do Again In London

You Can Enjoy Fine Dining In Londons Restaurants

London has a wide range of restaurants. You can enjoy fine dining, fast food or anything in between. The range is second to none. Many of the top London restaurants regularly feature on the worlds leading food review sites, meaning quality is guaranteed. From Michelin stars and The Good Food Guide, to the AA rosettes, or Time Out’s Choice for Best Restaurant, there are so many options available to you. Restaurants have thrived during the months of closure because travelers were stranded in our city with limited dinning options.

Now that a widespread number of them are re-opening their doors, you just need to know which ones to visit first, My City of London ( 2. From Michelin-starred restaurants to fine dining establishments, you can find some of the best restaurants in London to suit any budget. Just visit a website like OpenTable or TripAdvisor to find great recommendations from visitors and locals alike. If you’re planning a romantic date in one of Londons well known restaurants, click here for cheapest restaurant reservations __.

From this time next month, many restaurants in London will begin their re-openings. It is predicted that as a result, London will see a mini-boom of business and visitor numbers. Thousands of displaced workers, who were going to take their summer holiday in July and August because their businesses were closed, now have the chance to go on holiday to London instead. Whether you want to go on a romantic lunch date, have a wedding reception or just want to mingle with the local people, there is no shortage of entertainment in Londons restaurants.

You will discover everything from Asian cuisine to home-grown British grub. make sure you visit the following places and taste the authentic Londons food today. Everyday, Londons restaurants are serving delicious food to customers from all over the world. It's no wonder that Londons restaurants have managed to become so successful. Whereas other cities such as Paris and New York may have one or two restaurants that you might find interesting, London has hundreds of them.

You Can Meet As A Group In Londons Parks

It is true that groups of people have been breaking the new counter-terrorism laws. Despite this, the home office is slow to change what it considers are outdated laws from the pre-911 era. However, a small but growing number of Londoners have received notice that they can meet as a group in parks. The change means trips to the park, for example, or talking a walk do not need to be abandoned during the State of Emergency.

Police have set out guidelines for any small group of people looking to meet in public outdoors. This includes numbers and a code of conduct. Browse the map below to find promising parks in London that are open for groups of 3 30. I am sure you will meet new friends while exercising your freedom outdoors. Its now possible for small groups of three or less to hold events in the parks of London, by obtaining a permit.

You Can Wander Around Londons Museums

So here youll find a list of museums that you should visit in London. Whether your interested or curious about History, Science, Architecture, Art, Pop Culture, Nature or just looking for something fascinating to do on a sunday afternoon. There are museums for everyone and every interest so choose wisely. London is brimming with museums, and thats a fact. There are over 300 in the city, which gives anyone a lot from which to choose.

The only problem with this is making the right choice! Here I will try to help you find the museum for you, including some of my favourites from my time living in London. Museums in London are well worth a look. Whether youre after a stately home, museums, art galleries or rich historic sites, theres something for everyone to enjoy in the city. Here weve broken down the must-see museums in London which is suitable for kids and adults alike.

Many of Londons museums have free entry, but not all of them do. Use your visit to learn something new, or just marvel at the talent and creativity of those around you. Here are some of my favorite museums in London. You dont have to be a museum super-fan to enjoy a visit to one of London's museums. Like everything else in London, museums are grand and theyre often free of charge.  If youre looking for a fun way to spend a rainy London afternoon, this list has you covered.

You Can Visit And Ride The London Eye

You might think you don’t need to visit since you’ve been before, but bear in mind that if the plague hasn’t gotten anyone you know, there’s a chance your loved ones won’t be feeling particularly cheerful when you visit. What better way to lift the spirits than to get out and do something fun? You might even find that London has a few new attractions, making it easier to look on the bright side of things.

You may have seen the news that in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, people with respiratory problems are not being allowed on board visiting attractions. This includes The London Eye. Tanya from The Savvy Backpacker has written a great post about what you can do if you’ve got your heart set on getting one last ride. The London Eye is one of London's must-do attractions, but since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in early April, tourists have had to admire the spectacular structure from the ground.

Rather than risk being quarantined, clients are refusing to ride on till it is cleansed and checked by health and safety officials. The London Eye has reopened to the public for the first time since suspending rides a fortnight ago due to fears of the spread of the deadly coronavirus. We want you to have a good time in London. So weve put together a list of great things you can do without having to spend a penny.

You Can Go Hit The Shops

And what is a shopping trip without a wardrobe and accessory refresh? Well, London flea markets are the city’s answer to brimming oversized suitcases. Here you can rummage around old school books, vinyl records, antique maps, paintings and vintage furniture. And the best part is that you wont have to fork out an arm and a leg for your new finds – post Brexit prices are dropping! So why not pick up some unique vintage clothing from retro clothing stalls in Camden market.

– or maybe some music memorabilia from Honest Jon’s, where the likes of The Rolling Stones and David Bowie have been known to shop. Any of these will make stunning stocking fillers for your family or friends this Christmas. Theres so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know what you want, or where to even start in some instances. You need a London shopping holiday guide. And if, like me, you have absolutely no clue about fashion or how to dress yourself accordingly, then you also need the help of a shopping expert.

Which is where I come in. Hitting the shops in January is a very British thing to do, and I think it’s great fun. It keeps us connected to British society, and allows us to express our national identity through spending habits. Next time you’re in town, check out some of these great stores, maybe even buy something. ?. Getting the best deals in London will always involve hitting the shops. The famous Westfield at Shepherd’s Bush, the designer enclave of Carnaby Street and the floating barges at Camden Lock are just a few of London’s top shopping destinations.

You Can Enjoy An Evening At The Theatre

But how much do you really know about the West End and it’s theatres? As a tourist, you have the choice of going to something like Play House Disney Live, or you can learn more about the theatre and choose a play which is closer to your heart. The theatres in London have been opening for hundreds of years as indoor sports halls. They were later used for opera & music performances for royalty. Today, they are mainly used to stage commercial productions with actors and actresses performing a wide selection of comedy and drama.

The West End theatre district is an expansive area due to the fact that it boasts a large number of theatres, but it has a compact geographical area which keeps audiences in close proximity. This proximity feeds into the importance of physical signs. As with any tourist destination, the West End relies heavily on visual attraction to draw in its clientele. The ornate neon and LED lit signs begin just above ground level, scrolling upwards until they reach a height that’s in accordance with UK law.

Hollywood isn’t all about the glitz and glam of course, and there is plenty on offer for those of you who want to keep the tenner in your pocket. London has a thriving scene of young actors, directors and producers putting on some incredible theatre for no more than a quid (and sometimes even free!). Some of the best theatre can even be seen in parks or community centres. The West End is the world’s largest theatreland district.

With over 40 theatres, its 2000+ performances play to more than 7. 5 million people each year. Millions of pounds in revenue also flow into the city annually from hospo, restaurants and bars across London. London’s West End is home to a number of venues including the Phoenix, the Lyric, the Apollo Victoria and the Ambassadors. If you want to see a show on West End then click here to look at our collection of websites with all the details you will need.

You Can Enjoy An Ale In A Traditional Pub

London is world famous for its pubs’ history, culture and general atmosphere. It’s so popular that there are even tours dedicated to it!  If you’re wondering how many pubs and bars there are in London, or what kind of atmosphere they have, or what a traditional pub looks like, you’re going to find everything you need here. A night of pubbing is one of the best ways to spend an evening; especially when you live in London and can do so every day of the week.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in British culture then head to a local pub where you can enjoy a pint, chat with friends and listen to some great music. If you’re an ale lover, London is the place to be. There are countless places which serve a vast range of ales and British beers. You can also drink an ale in a traditional pub which have a great atmosphere, with wooden beams and stunning surroundings.

You Can Explore An English Heritage Site In London

These historic buildings, monuments and sites can tell you a lot about the history of England. Many of them are in London and if you’re heading to the city on your trip, you could combine an English Heritage site with a tour of London’s most iconic landmarks. By purchasing an English Heritage membership, you can also visit more than 900 other sites across the country. If you want to find out more information about any of these beautiful historic properties, the English Heritage website has everything you need to plan your trip.

Once you've booked your place on our morning taster session at Archway Tower, there's also time to explore at your own pace. We run tours of the capital and beyond, so you can see sites across the English Heritage network, including Shakespeare's Globe, Stonehenge and Dover Castle. Plus for every adult ticket purchased between 22 January and 2 April 2018, we'll donate 10% to Macmillan Cancer Support. Members can take advantage of access to English Heritage's sites, including opening hours of London attractions at a discounted rate.

Each site will also have something different to offer: perhaps behind the scenes tours, or even gardens to explore. Why not spend a day being tourist in your own city? Visit 2 or 3 sites and save money with an English Heritage membership. Check out this post to find out what you can see and do during your next trip to London. You can discover a Roman fort or medieval hall, see the Queen's House, or maybe visit the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

If your next visit to London coincides with one of these free days, you can enjoy a guided tour of the site, take part in an exclusive event, or simply walk around and look at the beautiful sites. If you’ve got a taste for fine ale, then a visit to London is essential. The city has some of the best pubs in the whole country, and you should definitely try to pay them a visit.

You Can Enjoy An Afternoon Tea In London

There's nothing like Afternoon Tea in London. The first time I had the much-beloved English custom, it was in the opulent surroundings of The Wolseley Brasserie in Piccadilly. "What can I get you?" the waiter asked politely, when we sat down. "Oh, I'll have a cup of tea and a scone" I said, as I’d always done how else would you take Afternoon Tea? But wait – this was The Wolseley Brasserie and their scones were no ordinary scones.

These were savoury scones from light as air potato and cheese fry ups to classic specimens filled with Wild Boar and Stilton. No wonder people come back. During the 14th century the reign of King Edward III  Household servants & knights would share their midday meal when they broke for lunch. It soon became custom for the servants to eat first, and eat better, as their masters were still eating their breakfast. These little meals would be squeezed in between morning & afternoon prayers and were called breakfast.

 The tradition of taking a break & some light refreshments has become a British institution. There are several theatres where you can take in a show after some afternoon tea. Lyric features shows, ballets and operas and offers a prix fixe box lunch for $27 or an $8 traditional ham sandwich. To feel more like royalty, head to the beautiful Cadogan Hall for Afternoon Tea ( $40 per person), which includes lemon and pink peppercorn finger sandwiches served with your choice of black currant or sweet raspberry preserves on the side.

Perhaps what makes the most interesting is the story behind its invention. The first Afternoon Tea was served between 3pm and 5pm in 1840 by Anna, Duchess of Bedford to her friends while she was resting upstairs. Every one loved it so much that she continued to serve tea to her guests every afternoon for the next six months. This quickly spread around her friends and soon caught on in London. While done even by Queen Victoria herself, teatime in London is not a museum piece thing.

Visiting London During The Coronavirus Pandemic

I have been travelling all over the world visiting clients during the past 6 months and had made London my next stop. I was planning on bringing a small backpack filled with everything I needed when I was suddenly faced with unexpected news of the coronavirus outbreak in Britain. Although it was a nuisance bringing a larger bag than normal, I couldnt be happier that I did. Over the last few months, it seems that the virus has spread less and London is trying to get back to normal.

We have decided that now is the right time for us to visit the tourist sites, restaurants and pubs that we had been missing so much, and give you a blog post on whether things have really changed. It has been exactly 6 months since the coronavirus pandemic began and London is getting back on its feet. Maybe not 100% back, due to the recent terror attacks, but for tourists that might be coming to visit the city over the next few months this is good news.

London is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. The transport network has been heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. None of our big tourist attractions Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London etc are accessible to tourists. I live in London, a city of 8. 3 million people. Of course I'm excited that it's the summer Olympics this year, but as any Londoner can tell you, we are also gearing up for our biggest challenge yet the coronavirus.

From the start of November to mid-February, the majority of London was in a state of panic as a virus known as the coronavirus spread rapidly across the capital. There's a reason why this three-cornered ritual has endured the centuries and it's not just to spoil tourists, that's what the ones who line up for half an hour outside Fortnum & Mason just to get a peek at the $400 pound sterling teapot are probably thinking.